Future You proudly presented our first 2018 Summit to disrupt students into an exciting future of their own design. We brought together high school students from schools across Sydney, with extraordinary speakers in a variety of future-minded fields and, the Future You philosophy in a way that made a profound difference.

“Future You exists to empower the next generation to create a future that enlivens and fulfils them…”


Future You believes that all young people should consciously design their futures. It is an exciting new concept for high-school students involving the hosting of TED-like events with engaging speakers in a variety of future-minded fields. Beyond these events, Future You explores other vehicles and partnerships to fulfil on our vision.

Future You, originating from the work of philanthropist Samuel Hamrosi, has been founded by a group of passionate locals, is backed by sponsors including Google Australia and will be publicised significantly.

We have successfully run the keystone Future You summit in late 2016 with overwhelming participation and feedback. Speakers have included award-winning entrepreneur and author Jack Delosa, Channel Seven’s Lynette Bolton and Australia’s most employable IT expert Krystle Jayne Ng. Future You has been featured in the Herald Sun and impacted close to 1000 high school students to date. With this plus further community support and sponsor backing, Future You is pleased to be bringing its premium event to schools around Australia in 2018 to offer their students an early look at building a purpose-driven future.

April 2018 Summit

Please note, We are currently planing another summit for mid 2019, the information below is for the summit in 2018. It will be updated as soon as we can.

The Future You Summit is a new and engaging way to introduce high school students to start thinking about their career future and beyond. It is unique in how it is delivered and its effectiveness. The primary outcome of the Summit is to facilitate student’s introspection and exploration of their future, beyond the scope of traditional notions, in a way that makes an immediate and tangible difference to their personal journey.

In April of 2018, we ran a successful summit. In early to mid-2019, we will be holding a larger summit with more speakers like those who spoke at the April summit.

April Summit speakers included:

Jack Delosa

Founder and CEO of The Entourage. Entrepreneur, author, investor and BRW Young Rich List Member.

Cameron Olivieri

Professional wingsuit coach and photographer/videographer.

Olivia O’Connor

Founder of the #RadLivin festival. World traveler, social media expert, and seeker of an endless summer.

Poppy Rouse

Design thinker and Social Impact Innovation Manager at CBA.

Frank Cuiuli

Martial artist, tech/social entrepreneur, founder of Pivot BeBetter.

Kat Dunn

CEO of Grameen Foundation Australia, Creator of F-OFF: Fear of Failure Forum. Left corporate world at 33 to pursue social impact passions.